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Since 1996 The Gibson Group now Portland KW Commercial, LLC has become a market leader for commercial real estate sales transactions in the Portland Metropolitan Area.

We understand that real estate is often your single biggest investment, and even more importantly, how it can affect your company overall. We can help you make the informed real estate decisions which  guide your business. Our knowledge and expertise will connect you with the right opportunities, the most comprehensive strategies, and the marketing you deserve. We’re dedicated to understanding your requirements and helping you make the informed decisions you need to be successful.

Portland KW Commercial, LLC is committed to excellence, which has been proven by the results we’ve achieved for our clients.

The reason we sell more commercial properties than any other group or team is because we develop long lasting solutions for our clients.

John Gibson – Principal Broker Commercial Director

Greg Rae – Marketing Director

Kronan Hoffman – Buyer Tenant Specialist, Associate Director

Thomas Cale – Associate Broker

Portland KW Commercial, LLC