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Experience is often referred to as the greatest teacher. It is the ability to give wisdom and insight in areas where a book is unable.  In real estate, as in life, we are often forced to navigate through unfamiliar territory.  When dealing with buying and selling of commercial real estate, naiveté can have costly consequences.  Experience proves to be a valuable asset when attempting to mitigate both the frequency and severity of mistakes.  From leasing office space to building sales and land acquisition, Sellers and Buyers are required to make complex decisions during the course of every real estate transaction.  Choosing an inexperienced broker may result in your broker unknowingly misrepresenting a multitude of things that prove costly to you as a Seller:  for example, the lack of knowledge of the use and occupancy rating of a building can lead to an unknowingly misrepresentation by an agent.

Every transaction is unique, so it is imperative that a broker utilize an approach that is individually tailored to a client’s needs. Does your broker have a dedicated team that helps during transactions?  Commercial real estate is a client driven industry, whether the client is a Seller, Buyer, Landlord, or Tenant.  An experienced broker surrounded by a competent team that collaborates and deliberates over every potential listing and all of the immediate and future governing contracts.

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John Gibson – Principal Broker Commercial Director ⋅  Hundreds of Commercial Sales ⋅20 years of CRE Experience ⋅Previously⋅ VP Colliers International